The “I Don’t Care What Others Say” Brigade

We can lead lives of peace and tranquility by cutting out the noise, but like most things its not that straightforward. You can’t cut out the noise by butchering it with a knife. You could butcher the person making all that noise, but that would land you in prison, and from what I’ve heard, prison isn’t a place you’d want to belong in, unless you like the idea of turning into one of your prison inmate’s little bitch.

I’m not a little bitch!

The most practical way of cutting out noise is by paying less attention to events that trigger discomfort, but like most things its not that straightforward. You can’t just pay less attention because no one taught you how to handle this valuable resource. It discharges itself onto whatever captures your interest, with or without your consent.

And the reason no one taught you how to make use of this powerful resource is because, yup, you’ve guessed it – its not that straightforward.

So its up to you to study and one day wield this brilliant torch of light to shine it straight across the path that will guide you forward.

To Pay or To Play?

There are two ways you can approach this problem.

One is by dedicating a portion of your time each day studying where your attention dissipates off into and to come up with ways to seal those gaps. This way you would be consciously paying attention instead of letting it flow out into the open.

Or you could do what most people are doing, and pretend you’ve figured everything out. You could then brag about how you sealed off the leaks your attention kept seeping out through, and if anyone asks how you did it you will respond by saying, “I could tell you but its not that straightforward.”

You could ignore the noise which by the way, is not as easy as it sounds (pun definitely intended), but chances are you’ve decided to pretend like you can do it.

Let’s Play Pretend

My social media feed is always saturated with posts pointing to the fact that almost everyone except me has the solution to effect positive change on a variety of problems that currently plague us such as climate change, gender discrimination, love and relationships or self-development. They quote philosophers to show the rest of us they know what actions will lead to the utopian outcome we are so desperate to achieve.

Its really that simple! Be courageous enough to show kindness and you will live happily ever after!

And they work hard to find the right quotes, and waste spend countless hours finding the right captions to get likes their message across. Its not because they’re bored and have nothing better to do, oh nooo.

They clearly care and have taken it upon themselves to effect change by posting status after status showing how they care about the environment, women’s rights, deaths of people they’ve never met before, and so on, in an attempt to draw attention to themselves these causes.

And if anyone asks them why they keep posting the same thing over and over again, they respond by saying, “Its because I care, unlike a certain someone asking me this question.”

Question them further and you will receive an answer that won’t answer anything.

“Why? What do you mean ‘why’? Don’t you know about the plight of X? I sure do because I’m more sensitive and smarter than you and besides, I don’t care what you have to say. Be gone from me.”

One like will feed this starving child while also feeding my ego. It’s a win-win situation.

Most are clueless, or have a shallow understanding of the issues that pervade our economic and social landscape, but they want to make it look like they know what they are talking about.

Lets look at few of these issues our friends online have decided to tackle.

There is only one God, and we ought to understand that God is Love! You just have to start loving each other more, then everyone will be happy! This will put an end to violence in the name of religion!

One look at history and you will see that this view reflects nothing of the sort. Religion binds people together not with Love, but with the fear of death, and its this fear that is used to get people to fight for causes that only benefit the leaders, while operating under the disguise of the “Lord’s wishes”.

These leaders could be Kings or the Pope who wanted to exert their influence over the common people without appearing too oppressive, leading to the illusion of law and order.

But even then, the systems were rife with corruption. Wars were fought in the name of God, and continue to this day, massacring millions in the process. The truths espoused by religion have been tainted by the greed of men and used to meet personal goals which as history shows us, never leads to a good outcome.

Exactly, there is no God that’s watching over us 24/7. It’s for weak-minded fools!

If that’s the case, then why is it that every culture has given rise to religion in one form or another? What need does it satisfy? What are you going to substitute religion with? Science? Don’t be ridiculous.

Science is a tool used to satisfy our curiosity and to make use of what we’ve discovered to better our standards of living. Religion provides us mortals with the promise of immortality and peace. Science could one day provide us with immortality, but not with peace.

Religion promises that we will one day be reunited with our loved ones, and maintain that reunion for eternity, provided we fulfil our end of the bargain.

Religion will never be replaced, because we are flawed beings, who desire to be perfect, and religion provides us with the promise of completion.

Science is not a promise, it’s a tool, and tools are used to attain practical goals.

Those politicians are so dumb and the government is filled with idiots! I mean look at the mess they’ve created!

Oh really?

Is that why they’re the ones governing us and issues laws one after the other that screw up our finances and future? Who elected them into power? Maybe you didn’t cast your vote for them, but you did rant and whine about it online which is the same as doing nothing.

While its easy to disprove various stances, it is incredibly difficult to find solutions which is why you get paid when you do find them. The plumber gets paid for his services because he unclogges the sink instead of taking a selfie with the sink and ranting about how oppressive sinks have become by clogging entry to the sewer like how Donald Trump put a barrier on immigration, and posting it on his social media.

Our Age Reflects a Narcissistic Need for Attention

Those who say that they don’t care about other people’s opinion are often the most vocal about their supposed indifference. They spend countless hours explaining why “they don’t care” to the very people whose opinion they don’t care about, to convince them that they really don’t care.


Because other people’s opinions are irrelevant, and its important they understand just in case they accidently thought we did care.


Because its not that straightforward.

Enough with the straightforward crap.

Ego is what fuels this stance.

Why pretend like you’ve figured everything out to such an extent that you have decided to set up a one-way communication line with you being the one delivering prophesies? Who anointed you to the position of Pope I-Don’t-Give-a-Damn?

I’m self-anointment, because I don’t give a damn about the other guy everyone voted for.

If anything, its because you care too much about your image that you’ve decided to put on this show of invincibility. If you did care, you’d have been out there helping them find a solution instead of pissing on people actually trying to find the solution.

Also, if you really didn’t care, you wouldn’t make those cringe inducing posts bearing empty platitudes. The stuff people say like “Just be yourself” doesn’t solve anything because it doesn’t point to a solution – it provides the illusion of one.

Tell me, what does “Being yourself” bring you? If you remain the way you are, you will never improve. Insist on remaining the same, and you will lose every battle you get involved in or dragged into. You will never get ahead and that stagnation will induce misery.

Bottomline is we all care about how the world perceives us, and to pretend otherwise is to put on a show.


Yes, You.

Why do you keep posting statuses that imply you’re a tough guy who is smarter, exceptionally skilled, got his life all sorted out, knows kung Fu and has learned all the secrets of the universe?

Its obviously because you couldn’t care less, right?

Its not like you’re trying to draw attention to yourself by making things up, oh nooo.

You’re smarter than that.

And also an exceptionally skilled Kung Fu practitioner who has sorted his life out after learning all the secrets of the universe.

My intention is not to make you feel bad. No wait, actually I do want you to feel bad, but I also want you to understand what fuels us to indulge in pointless activities that offer momentary relief and what that momentary relief is.


It drives us to seek out activities that inflate it. This inflation is very pleasurable but detrimental at the same time. Anything that grows requires an equal investment to maintain.

And what does an inflated ego bring us? Does it enrich you and the lives of those around you or does it degrade and stunt growth?

It introduces more pain, misery as ells the scorn of others into our lives. Anything in excess contributes to dissatisfaction.

Lets Start Paying Instead

You can start by becoming conscious of the transactions you make each day. That will help you avoid making dumb statements like “Born to not give a damn” and actually embody them instead. You’d stop trying to put on an act to get people to like you and instead transform into the indestructible person you envision yourself to be.

The motive behind every “I am better than you” quote you see online is to hope that by imitating them we do become like it, but that imitation is done by merely posting it online instead of putting it into action.

Posting quotes on working out isn’t going to do you any good unless you work out. Similarly, posting quotes online of how tough and stoic you are is a brilliant strategy, if your intention is to drive people to conclude that you have an attitude problem, which you obviously do.

That attitude comes from your over inflated ego, and believe me when I tell you this, the smell it gives off is bad enough to even make Satan reconsider taking you to into his fiery pit of hellfire. He wouldn’t want to deal with you for the rest of eternity.

Even the devil has his limits.

But then again, its upto you to decide because after all, it’s easy to complain like I just did in this article. Finding the right solution is difficult and requires sizable lengths of introspection and experimentation because,

Its not that straightforward.

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