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Once Upon a Broken Time

Whats broken, remains broken.

Broken glass can’t be pieced together even if you manage to find all the missing shards. What are you going to patch it together with? Glue? Even if you miraculously bring them together, will the light that once passed through it continue doing so along the exact same trajectory? Or will it refract across every discontinuity stemming from the numerous cracks that decorate it?

You can’t undo the crack and you can’t undo the damage that birthed those cracks.

Similarly, relationships that have lost its purity can’t be brought back together. What are you going to patch it together with? Love? That is wishful thinking.

The story is being narrated even to this day, that no matter what happens, time and love will mend broken hearts. Just give it time, they say. I did and it certainly didn’t mend my mother’s perfume bottle which mysteriously broke…

Reality plays by different rules. It doesn’t wait for your approval, and neither does it pave paths to meet your demands. Only a God can tamper with those rules. Or a Saudi King with enough oil to flood the world for forty days and forty nights. And here you all though America was the world’s strongest force, Oh no no no. The Saudis with their petro-currency are.

Is it a bird? Is it a PLANE? Oh wait, its the Saudis on their Noah’s Ark sized yacht. First they flood the world with their petroleum, then they go boating. Those rich bastards.

Enough about the Saudis, lets plunge right back into the Oasis of broken hearts. You see, an Oasis the weary traveller spots on his trek back to desert civilization is often times a mirage; an illusion cast as the sky meets the earth. The scorching heat of the desert heats up the air above it, refracting the light projected from the heavens along a U-shaped path, making it look like there is a water body up ahead.

People unaware of this phenomenon will scream “WAAATER!” and run off in that direction hoping to quench their thirst. Those aware of it will advise their runaway counterparts to “STOOOP!” but alas, it is in vain since they will keep chasing after the illusion, until they finally collapse from fatigue. That’s when they step in and whisper gently to the mirage seekers, “I told ya, didn’t I?

Chasing Mirages

We have these fantasies in our head of bringing a certain order, or situation back to the present. It could be a loving relationship you once had with your spouse and children, or a business you laboured day and night over, only to watch it collapse right on front of you because of powers out of your control.

We never let go of what we have invested in. People will tell you that its foolish to do so, and although this is true, it shouldn’t be adopted as a general rule of thumb because often times the biggest investments we make are on transient things that can dissolve at any given moment.

People still believe their house is the biggest asset. They spend years, saving up only to splurge it on a place to stay and sink into debt. You house doesn’t provide you with income, it snatches its share from the table in the form of electricity bills, water bills, taxes etc. If people were to instead, look at options that can generate passive income, no matter how little, it would bring them the home and freedom that is so deeply coveted these days.

I don’t mind sinking into debt if I get to stay in a neat looking place like that.

Its only after you’re knee-deep in lemons that you see it for the scam it is. Even a tiny flat would suffice, if you have a handful of passive streams on the side paying for its rent and other expenses. You get the freedom and a place to rest.

But even once the lemons start pelting down, we will turn around and keep working at what we had invested in, hoping it will turn out well.

Buy a nice house, it will make you happy.

Marry the women of your dreams, it will make you happy.

Have as many as children as you can, it will make you happy.

The rest written in lemon juice, will make its appearance once you’ve been in the heat.

Buy a nice house, it will make you happy and latched up in debt until death does you apart.

Marry the women of your dreams, it will make you happy if she doesn’t divorce you and take half your stuff along with the kids.

Have as many children as you can, it will make you happy and plunge your finances down a hole deeper than the Marina Trench.

I decided to take your advice and start over, so I’ve put my house, wife and kids up for sale.

Realizing them the hard way shatters us on a much more visceral level, and we respond to the damage, by insisting on mending them back together or tossing it away completely, instead of investigating why it gave way so quickly. Too much emotional and financial liquid has been poured into the investments we’ve made so far, so letting it go is not an option.

This is why we live in broken times; we are too naïve to see how shattered our world really is. We shut our eyes to whatever is going on, even after the curtains have been pulled off, hoping the boogie man on stage will disappear. He’ll keep dancing around until you man up and tell him that you’ve had enough, and you’re sick of watching his stupid salsa.

Being broken isn’t so bad. For the chick to survive, he has to grow out of his shell. In a way, the chick is breaking out of the world that keeps him safe, to continue living because in the world we live in, to grow is to survive. Businesses that are content with remaining at the level they are often are the first victims of an economic crash.

 If you stagnate, you will sink. There is no even ground to lay down on.

You are nested in a world of delusions, hoping that by sticking with them, they will keep you safe. Your world will crack open, either by circumstance, or by your own doing, either way you are breaking out into the real world.

Don’t go back trying to patch those shell pieces together, leave it behind and look ahead, there are opportunities hidden everywhere. Its not easy to spot them, but if you’re adamant, you’ll surely discover a couple of them.

When life give you lemons, you make lemonade. . . and use that lemonade to write secret messages to help other escape from their misery.

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