A Cocktail of Emotions

“Avoid negative emotions and you’ll be happy like I am.”

Is what my friend would tell me every time he got drunk to relieve himself. What a hypocrite.

But then again, this ‘Formula for Emotional Success’ is prescribed to almost everyone suffering from sadness. No one likes being sad, and no one wants to see people sad. People do everything they can to avoid falling into the pits of depression, thinking prevention is better than cure.

And do people become happy by applying this formula? Believe it or not, you’ve been applying them as well. Most of what we learn is automatically inculcated by osmosis. We subconsciously pick up on habits and behaviours we see our friends and family have.

So, did it make you happy? Are you leading a deeply fulfilling life, or is life giving you too many lemons? Well, you are reading this article, so chances are life has been conspiring to turn you sour by stuffing your mouth full with all those lemons.

If only life gave us melons. That would make everyone happy.

Those are some nice juicy melons ya got there.
Photo Credits: Joleen Chaney

I’ll tell you why you’re knee deep in lemons. Its because the balance has been tipped towards giving you more lemons than you actually require.

We humans have the ability to experience a wide range of emotions. We can experience various doses and mixtures of emotions. Joy, happiness and pride can be experienced at the same time, likewise regret, anger and sadness can also be experienced simultaneously.

But since the cocktail of regret, anger and sadness tastes awful, people aren’t too fond of it.

 or are they?

Ever noticed how cheap products get the most sales, even though they lack quality? Its because they’re fairly abundant and require little to no investment to obtain. Same with cheap cocktail, its ingredients are easy to procure and requires zero effort in concocting which is why despite its horrible taste, people still buy it. And since everyone gets high off of cheap cocktails, its become a tradition for everyone to partake in.

Look around you, how many people do you see who are completely happy living the life they’re living? Now try looking into the mirror. Does the person staring back at you look happy? Is it staring back at you with a poker face, or is it making goofy facial expression? Because if he is, I think its about time you packed your bags and left that haunted house behind. I’ve watched enough horror movies to know how this will turn out.

She promised me that she’ll never leave my side, and do everything to be with me, I mean how cool is that? BFF’s for life and afterlife!

 Cheap cocktail easy to make, while the happy expensive cocktail is difficult to obtain, there are many similar cocktails that taste just like the happy cocktail which aren’t authentic. The ingredients used to concoct those fake cocktails are obtained from cheap sources but sold at high prices. They are called drugs. I’m sure you’ve heard of them.

These drugs allow you to forget your problems and eliminates your worries about getting pelted by lemons. Everywhere you look you see melons. Big juicy melons, just lying there waiting to get picked up and ravished. But the moment you grab onto your prize, it squirts out a stream of lemon juice into your eye, leaving you confused and temporarily blind. (Was that dirty enough for you?)

Then it dawns on you. The lemons were still there, disguised as melons. Oh! The horror!


But you don’t want to see it. You want the melons back in sight, so you get high again, and again. and again, until the high won’t be enough to meet your expectations. Then you branch out in search of other cocktails that can give you a much-needed kick, while thinking this is what happiness is.

When you do that, you’re shifting your gear towards destruction. You will break down, and by the time you reach that stage, it will be a surmountable task to make your way out of the pit you’ve dug yourself into. Its easy to dig holes with shovels, but its impossible to climb your way out using the same instrument that got you down there. The shovel you thought would one day, build you a towering building, actually dug out a neat area for you to lay down in eternal sleep.

The more you try to supress and avoid negative feelings that naturally arise, the more potential they gain, and once it reaches a certain stage, it will blow the lid off every box you’ve carefully stuffed your worries, insecurities, painful memories, regrets etc into, in a sort of chain reaction. It opens up a pandoras box of issues that you didn’t know you had, or was a result of your deliberate attempt of looking away from the problems that had been festering their way into your life.

Those drugs won’t help you. It gives you a short lived high before dissipating and leaving you feeling down and out. You need to stop consuming cocktails. All of them. Happiness doesn’t come in cocktails, it makes its appearance once your dues have been cleared.

Hate how your body looks? Start working out. With every mile you cross, you get to see your effort paying out, and that gives you a taste of fulfilment. You gain a sense of fulfilment after you reach the end of your goal, which is when you set out on another goal, to fix another area of your life for example say financial stability.

Cocktails addicts will talk smack behind your back, and try to drag you back to the bar to drive some ‘sense’ back into that thick skull of yours. They will drill it in if you let them. You need to make some new friends, and you’ll find them at the gym.

Take care of your body, it’s the vehicle that you’ll be using until your journey on this planet is over. You wouldn’t want it to sputter and stall during crucial moments of your life, now would you? So keep it in tip top condition. Its going to be one hell of a journey.

So Whether life gives you lemons, melons or, melanoma, its your job to maintain a vision and keep your focus sharp. The vision is the map, the focus, a dedicated navigator, and your body, the ship. You are headed somewhere, and thats what keeps you awake in a sea full of dead men.

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