The P-Word

We’re all guilty of engaging in this activity, thinking its ‘okay’ since everyone else does it. Besides, it feels good, and is absolutely free! All you need is an internet connection and voila! You’re in.

Remember this and remember this well, if something is being offered to you without a price tag, then its you thats being sold. Nothing comes free. With Porn, you’re trading in your time for a few fleeting moments of pleasure.

But, is it Worth it?

Absolutely not and I will tell you why. Masturbation is healthy, but if you can’t do it without the aid of porn, then its become a problem for you. Some say its okay to keep it in moderation, but I beg to differ. Porn projects us with a sterile and unrealistic show of sex devoid of any sort of affection other than lust.

A good example of this is anal sex. Think of where you’re putting your mighty sword into. Why plunge it into the gutter? The sword was made to slay, not to be doused into the swamp. Why did all major religions denounce sodomy? Its only serves to quench our lust for variety and along with it comes all the easily preventable STDs.

Yes, anal sex can be safe and enjoyable, but it isn’t something that can be done on the spur of the moment. It requires a lot of preparation before getting into the act. But porn tells us a different story. It tells us that you rip her clothes off, pin her onto the floor and smash. If she resists its not because she’s writhing in pain and begging you to stop, she wants you to go harder. Condoms? Who needs condoms!

Where do you think most of the self-esteem issues and ridiculously high expectations of sexual performance come from?
“Man, if only I were ten inches longer, then maybe I’d have a chance.”
“Oh, if only my breasts were large enough to cover my face, then he’d totally fall for me.”

Nope, that won’t do. They should be big enough for NASA to send em off into orbit.

Another Issue Thats Rarely Addressed

Lets talk about the ‘actresses’ for a moment. Do they deserve respect for what they’re doing? What about the activity they engage in, is that worthy of any praise?

The kind of people who willingly put their assets on display for the world to savor on are the type who suffer from serious mental issues. They aren’t normal. Sane people don’t put themselves into situations where they get choked into submission while having their private parts violated by a bunch of strangers.

Look don’t get me wrong, I love these women. I could never bring myself to hate them, my lower half would detach itself and make a run for it if I confess to hating them(I don’t).

But the problem is I love them for all the wrong reasons. They aren’t adding anything to my life and are whisking my time and energy away. Its also incredibly addictive, so the cycle repeats itself, speeding up every time I give in. There’s plenty of research that shows how it rewires your brain to seek short term pleasures and makes you lazy and depressed.

So How Do I Stop?

Its easy to describe, but difficult to put into action.

I won’t recommend NoFap, because they take it to an extreme and believe in exterminating the art of wanking for personal growth to take effect. While I can testify to its positive effects by refraining from it for a duration of 2-3 weeks, ridding ourselves completely of a natural biological urge is silly. Only a religious nut-job would suggest we swing the pendulum to that extreme and hope for it to remain there by the grace of God Almighty.

I tried NoFap, made my way up to day 38 and felt like a different person. I wasn’t me anymore, I had transcended my petty little human mind and attained nirvana. Which was on day 39, because on day 39, I loosened up the pressure valve which led to a catastrophic explosion. Pleasure flooded my body and everywhere I looked, I saw white. I thought I’d died and was about to enter into the afterlife…

but sadly God had other plans for me and decided to send me back to the scene of the crime.

Jokes Aside

First things first, stop watching Porn.

Second, You can do the deed, but limit it to once or twice a week, without any STIMULUS.

That roughly translates to do the deed, but put a limit on it and don’t do it while watching porn. Your imagination is a lot more potent than its given credit for.

Porn supercharges your desire for sex giving you a lusty high, and with every high comes a heavy crash. So you keep chasing after it, scavenging for more and more to charge yourself up and then it reaches a stage where no matter how many hours you spend surfing the web fishing for them, it won’t be enough.

So I decided to cut off only porn. This was what helped me lower my frequency from 3-4 times a day to once a week. Success at last!

Look, it doesn’t matter what you try, make an attempt and learn from your failure. One way or another, you’ll find a way out as long as you keep trying.

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