Finance Rant

Where School Fails Us The Most

I know many spend a good portion of their time, whining about problems they cant solve, so it would only be fair to contribute my share.

So let the whining commence.

Introductory Whining

After fourteen years of school, and a few more years at collage, what have you learned about making money? After all, parents send their kids to school on the premise that they’ll learn to support themselves financially with the education they receive there, but is that really the case?

If you happen to be from a middle class family, chances are you’ve been told, no, had the idea drilled into your head that the only way of making money is by working diligently at a job and saving as much as you can, whenever you can, wherever you can.

You’re old enough now, and I’m sure you’ve noticed something fishy about the whole idea of signing yourself up for indentured servitude to an organisation you know next to nothing about. But its not all that bad, you get to work long hours, get yelled at by your boss for mistakes you didn’t even commit, and receive pittance in payment. You invest your time for a fixed amount of money. You aren’t being paid for the value your work has to offer, but for the time you have spent working, and its in peanuts. Seems like a great deal!

Try To Answer This Question, What is Money?

A colorful piece of paper that comes in many different forms that we can use to our advantage? Partially true, because often times that colorful piece of paper tends to dominate our lives, turning us into slaves. Money is a tool, an important tool you can use to craft yourself an empire that could pave road for your family to a bright future and carve out a legacy, or to further another person’s ambition by trading your livelihood for a couple of bricks at a time.

Okay smarty pants, you got me. Money comes in metal coins as well.

School Fails Us Most When it Comes to Finance.

We learn about managing finance from our family, friends and relatives, which is why the poor and middle class persist in this cycle of work hard, save more and borrow some if necessary. Believe it or not, there are avenues of money making that require a smart one time investment which can pull your financial status out of the gutter and rocket it far and beyond. It wont be easy. You have to put in the work to develop the skills required to understand the mechanics behind it in order for you to monetize it.

Blogging can make you a decent amount of money, enough to even support yourself if you’re willing to take it seriously. Its true that only 5% or even less actually make it, and this scares people. Look at the odds, Its a waste of time! And they switch lanes immediately. Instead of listening to what the 95% failures and those who haven’t even tried have to say, why not listen to the 5% who did make it to the top?

An Example of Success

Similarly, gym trainers can make themselves rich once they’ve been through the drill and internalized the experience they’ve gained. They can share the knowledge on any social media platform and make a name for themselves, inviting success into their lives. AthleanX is a brilliant example of this, where Jeff Cavaliere has gained a large following on Youtube by, wait for it…

selling his hard earned experience for FREE.

He does offer a couple of programs that have a structured format for beginners to follow. It’s the same stuff he puts out for free but in an easy to digest format. He offers free goodies for people to test the waters, and once its to their liking, they snap right onto whatever he has to offer and all he has to do is reel in. The man has a strong magnetism that attracts people towards him because he’s deeply passionate about what he does, something you don’t get to see all that often.

This is what made him successful.

Success also comes in muscles. Lots and lots of muscles.

When the rich go to work, they do it with a bright smile on their face. They look forward to it and to the next day because to them its an opportunity to tune into their creative side and channel it into something productive that will generate cash flow. When the poor go to work, they cant wait to rush back home and sedate themselves with a drug of their choice, whether it be social media, TV or alcohol, to numb themselves off to sleep.


That’s what they look forward to.

Being rich, poor or middle class boils down to…


This man spends 80% of his time digging into books most people think are a waste of time.

It has nothing to do with the number of zeros you have in your bank account, but with the mentality you foster.

Middle Class Rich?

Marine chief engineer are handsomely rewarded for their services and lead an upper middle class lifestyle as a result. But he draws his wealth from a single well. What happens when the well goes dry? Of course, that’s never the case with marine engineers, but say you lose an arm during an accident on one of your voyages, will you be permitted to keep your position or will you be laid off?

“But I’ll get a neat compensation for it!”

 Yeah, and since you’ve saved up so much you can continue living the way you always did, except you’re crippled with old age and a handicap. You traded in the best years of your life to reach the very top of the food chain, lost an arm in the process and now that you’ve finally been laid off with a decent amount of dough, you can finally sit back and enjoy whatever time you have left! Yay!

“At least my wife and kids can live in comfort.”

What about you? Didn’t you start a family to stay with them? To watch your children’s shenanigans and to watch them grow into fine adults? Whose going to turn them into fine adults? Your wife? All by herself? Don’t you want to be a part of it? Will your kids even recognise you as their parent and bond with you? Will this be possible when you’re constantly fatigued after working at a job you hate?

That right there is the problem with having a single source of income. You will be entirely dependent on it and the more you earn, the tighter will be its grip on you since your high end lifestyle can only continue with a sizable amount of cash that flows in from that one waterhole you’ve spent your entire life digging up. A smart man digs up multiple waterholes so even if one of them dries up, he will still get his water from the others.

Remember This and Remember This Well,

At the end of a poor man’s life is his savings, and at the end of a rich man’s life is a rich tapestry of stories to recite. Read books, write about the insights you’ve received and sculpt your dreams accordingly. Then all you’ve got to do is watch as it inches its way into reality with every effort you invest into actualizing it. We all have a music inside of us, just waiting to spring free and dance across the fields. This music is what will fuel your creative side once you set out on achieving a life of your own making.

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