I hate to admit it.

I used to spend most of my time as a teenager listening to Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Katy Perry.

Yeah. And I enjoyed listening to them as well.

I smell a death sentence heading my way…

But then I got smart and started listening to Eminem, Snoop Dog and Wiz Khalifa. Rap had a story to tell, unlike the other artists who based their music on the theme of love and heart break. Rap had a sort of raw energy that swept me into its trance but I slowly weaned myself off of it as well because the themes they adopted almost always included promiscuous sex, jail and guns, practically glorifying degenerate behavior.

Slowly I began listening to classical music, bits at a time and it completely changed the way I perceived music. I didn’t enjoy it at first because of how mellow and unpredictable it was. With pop music, you always knew when the beat would drop and you aren’t really paying any attention whats being said because whatever lyrics they put into their songs has zero depth sounds like gibberish.

Gucci gang Gucci gang Gucci gang.
How deep. How insightful. How Inspirational.

But slowly I found myself gravitating towards it, while at the same time getting absolutely sick of listening to mainstream music. I don’t know why, but classical music made me experience subtle emotions I didnt know were possible on music. I’m used to getting pumped up after listening to my favorite track, but feeling the waves of calmness flood my body after listening to classical music, that was something new.

The more time I spent with it, the more I discovered. There were many intricate melodies that were being played all at once, each one running its own course and to finally coalesce into one big symphony. It took on a life of its own and for the first time, I could actually understand what the artist was trying to convey using only his music. I not only felt his hope, joy and happiness but also his melancholy, sadness and grief, something modern music superficially touches on or attempts to remedy using drugs and sex or completely avoid.

It provided me with a buffet of the human experience and took me through a journey into the forest of melodies. I discovered that silence has a flavor of its own and adds to the richness of the composition. At first, listening to piano music frustrated me, as they were leaving too many gaps! Now I know why. Letting the last note vibrate till it died off on its own, allowed the silence to consume it and bring my mind back to focus. It marked the end of that particular chapter and the starting of a new one.

And every piece had a story to tell. All except pop music which basically uses the exact same beats over and over again, with garbage lyrics and cliche statements about love, featuring a high pitched tatted up guy with his pants down past his ankle, begging for a women’s approval. Either that or it features a women who wiggles her assets as the camera zooms in on it while she spouts profanities and calls it “rap”. Sex sells, and pop music is the biggest proof of that law.

Hey you! Yeah YOU! Stop staring at me while I wiggle my butt in a skimpy outfit and focus on my music instead you pervert!

Classical music has a rich blend of culture, emotion and spirit. You know just by listening to it, where it originated from. Great artists paved ways for the coming generation to make their mark, and it is evident in the music they play. Pop music, no matter who the artist is, where he’s from and what culture he is apart of, all sounds the same. Which is why I hate it.

And you should too.

Switch over to our side and save your ears from rotting off.

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