Cigarettes and You

Not a day goes by when we aren’t bombarded with messages regarding how bad smoking is for you, and how it causes lung cancer. It does. So stop smoking and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get to see your grand-kids before you wheeze yourself to death.

But to be fair, Smoking has been given a lot of hate, more than it actually deserves, I mean come on, its not like its responsible for a variety of deadly diseases that leaves you in a debilitated state for God knows how long. Life is short and it could end in an unpredictable fashion, so if I’m going to die I want to take full responsibility for it. Give my cigarettes back.

I don’t remember when I first started smoking, but I remember how it felt the first time I smoked. It was awful, the way it smelled and how it made me choke and gasp for air. Right then I knew I’d never touch another cigarette ever again. Boy was I wrong about that.

It wasn’t forced onto me, I tried it out of curiosity. I wanted to experience the high that smokers did, just to get a feel for it, and I remember smoking lots of cigarettes to achieve it, but wasn’t successful. Its only when I got used to its foul taste and feeling in my throat that I could take it deep inside and experience it for the first time. Man that sounds so wrong.

I’ve never reached the smoke-a-pack-a-day mark, and my maximum cigarettes in a day tops off at 7-8, that too its always shared between friends. I am in no way a chronic smoker, but If I keep going down this path, I know I will become one.

I don’t smoke daily, I only do it when we’d go out for drinks. But now I can’t seem go a week without smoking one. This is a result of me thinking “Smoking on occasions like these do no harm.” It wasn’t long before I viewed everyday as an occasion. Thats right folks, cigarettes made me optimistic enough to view every single day as an occasion to be ravished.

Cigarettes are the perfect drug. If you’re feeling lost, light one up. If you’re feeling depressed, light another one up. Feeling hungry, light another. And so on. Plus, they are easy to obtain and store away. It fits neatly into every imaginable scenario, there’s never a bad time to smoke. Thats what makes cigarettes one of the most addictive substances out there.

Which is Why You’re Better Off Without it.

Up until now I’ve been painting cigarettes in a good light, and lighting them up whenever the occasion arises. All of us are aware of what cigarettes do to our health in the long run, but the main issue I have with cigarettes is how addictive it is and how it saps your energy.

Cigarettes helped my grandma become a centenarian. You have no say in the matter.

When you experience a high, you will eventually tumble down back to your low lying dystopia you were trying to escape from. This constant crash and fall screws with your mood. You will become more irritable and anxious and it will show on your face. You won’t notice it, but your friends and family will.

Also, smoking a pack a cigarettes a day is pretty expensive in the long run, not including the inevitable health costs that will occur. Say you spend 5 dollars a day, in 10 years, you would have spent 18,250 dollars, on just cigarettes along, not including alcohol. Think of where else you could have invested all that money into.

Smoking is a vice, there’s no doubt about that. I’ve noticed how it has affected my workouts. My stamina has reduced to a significant degree and I find myself feeling irritable each time the high subsides. We all feel them, but we forget about them. That can be attributed to our low attention span that keeps getting lower and lower with the advent of smartphones and freely accessible porn.

But even still, I can’t seem to part ways with my cancer sticks. Its more of a love-hate relation I share with them, kind of like the one you have with an abusive spouse who talks about leaving you but always stays behind to eat your head or bash your skull in.

Thats right, I’m leaving you for good. But I’ll be back for dinner by 8 and you’d better not be late!

I hope some day I find the light at the end of the tunnel…to light my cigarettes with.

I’m kidding.

I always keep a lighter for that.

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