Only Feelings Matter

“Feelings matter, because they matter.

I’ve struggled to understand this particular type of logic thats always being handed out by Social Justice Warriors as a way to solve major world problems. Apparently, all we needed was love. We should have been showering those terrorists with lots and lots of love instead of bullets and missiles, oh how silly of us! If only you had told us sooner!

Who knows, maybe I’m not smart or deep enough to comprehend the wisdom behind that statement. Yeah, that could be it, but I’m willing to bet that they’re devoid of any meaning or substance and that the only reason they are being spouted over and over again, is to make themselves feel relevant.


Feelings Are Overrated

Feelings are necessary for the individual to experience the wonders of life, but apart from that they hold no significance especially in the grand scheme of things. They serve an important function, and are responsible for all of our habits, likes and dislikes but thats pretty much it. Making it more important than it actually is, only ends up hurting us in the long run.

As of now, feelings have been giving a ridiculous amount of importance, even going as far as to place it right above basic human rights. There’s no doubt that its important, like how water is important for us to function, but forcing gallons of water down everyone’s throat with the governments approval just because its important doesn’t make it right. Its psychopathic and won’t end well. I’m not interested in the political side of the issue, its the place feelings hold in our lives that interests me.

Feelings by themselves are absent of substance. They are brought forth by unconscious forces that stem from issues you have yet to resolve. Anger, hate, resentment, although we have a capacity for experiencing them, having them show up at every instant will do nothing but block you from growing. No one willingly adopts the vices they have, its fear that motivates us to.

Maybe someone cheated you out of your trust, which lead you to resent him. Or maybe in your pursuit of material wealth, you got so thoroughly engrossed in acquiring it to the point where you unknowingly adopted an irrational fear of  those who have fared better than you in the quest for power and wealth. This fear is what gives birth to your vices.

Nature of Feelings

Feelings are akin to waves that rise and crash along the shores of our heart. Yes, it sounds poetic, but what can be inferred from it? Water has no form, nothing to hold it together, so building a house with water would be impossible, but this is what we keep doing. Its is a complete waste of time, energy and resources. Energy and resources are replenishable, but time once lost, is lost forever.

And we do the things that brings us the least amount of pain, instead of the activities that truly brings us joy. Browsing the web and watching movies is addictive, and adds nothing of value to your life. In fact it dulls your mind by overstimulating your pleasure centers, leaving you hungry for more. You’ve watched all ten seasons of Friend? Wow. Did that make you any richer? Or did it make them richer? Watching Netflix doesn’t bring you any joy, stop fooling yourself. Its an escape and you know it.

You take that back! “Friends” is all about imparting life lessons!

We only work when we feel like, than when we are supposed to. Our motivations are governed by how we feel, which is why most of us are unsuccessful. Feelings are transient, they don’t last very long and sway along pretty quickly. This won’t make much sense to you, especially when you’re surrounded by people who think waking up early is idiotic, working out is suicidal, money is not important and self-growth is for losers.

Once you find an activity, whether it be art, music or literature, that resonates with you, only then will you experience true joy, the kind that keeps you awake at night, and yearning for more. If you think its impossible, then you’re right. Its impossible for the person you are right now. There’s only one reason for that, and it stems from your lack of discipline. That can be rectified once you establish a well defined morning routine.

How You Ought To Treat Your Feelings

Trying to curb your emotions won’t do you any good. You have to understand why they’re there in the first place, pushing their weight against you. You have to dig into your mind and uncover truths you have been running away from. This is achieved through a long and arduous journey of self discovery. You need to have a conversation with yourself.

Your emotions are signals. Most of the time they are there to tell you what you’re doing is not in accordance with what you desire to achieve. Those signals manifest themselves in a variety of way, and to understand what they mean, you have to spend a couple of hours each day writing about the things that bother you. Write for 10 minutes in the initial week and as you get into the habit, you will automatically scale your way up to the 1-2 hour mark.

I believe you don’t discover your passion, but that you make a passion out of anything you consciously make a apart of your life. Your passion isn’t playing hide and seek with you. It is a spark you create by investing in an activity long enough for it to bear fruits.

You Create your Passion, and your only find the Means to create them.

If you want to discover your passion, you have to be willing to try everything and stick with it long enough to know whether or not the activity you’ve chosen fits your preferences. This calls for a monstrous amount of dedication, where you spend a fixed number of hours grinding at it no matter what happens around you. You block everything else out, and zero into your work.

Don’t blame the world for your circumstances, it won’t get you anywhere. Work around them, but it has to start with you. Right now, you are chasing peoples shadows, trying to take shade under their leadership. Light does not discriminate, it shines onto everyone so we all have the ability to cast a shadow. Light, can be thought of as opportunities, and the ones who face it head on always have something to gain. Its either a successful utilization of that opportunity, or experience on how to utilize it if such an opportunity were to pop up again. You become less fearful, more daring, and more in tune with your being.

So study yourself, observe your thoughts, feelings and desires and write them down. This is how you connect the dots and chart your progress along any scheme you endeavor to achieve. You only have one life, so live it well.

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