I Swear, Cuss I Like To

Admit it.

We’re all guilty of this, and to avoid its sting, we dress it up in a way to make it seem as though it adds something of value to our character. We pick up those magical words by seeing how much attention it garners when used, and make it a point to use it as often as possible to experience the tremors it generates across our social platform.

Obviously, after a certain point of overuse, it loses its shock value so you search for more ammo, plenty of which is available. You go on collecting them like artifacts and immerse them into your speech, thinking its a great idea. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time and place for them, but if you insist on hanging them around your neck thinking it will shower you with praises, then you’re mistaken.

But cussing like a pirate, or worse, like a modern SJW has its dark sides. In fact I’m willing to bet that all it has are downsides. Yes, it provides relief, but at what cost? Cigarettes provide relief, but it comes with a heavy cost that accumulates as the years go by, and the same applies to cussing.

I know you have your right to speech and all, but isn’t this a little too much?

So Whats Your Point?

It turns you into a monster. When you give in and blurt out a couple of profanities, you’re allowing your emotions to take reign. You slowly lose grip over your anger. This leads to more outbursts which corrodes your sanity. The process is slow, which is why most of us don’t notice it when it happens.

Think about it, people mostly cuss when they’re mad about something, so whatever pops our of your mouth during your cuss montage, is bathed in anger, and every time you use your favorite cuss word, even if you use it to describe something positive, like “That party was F-ing lit!”, it will induce anger. Try and see it for yourself.

If you happen to be short tempered, this could be one of the reasons. Cussing while you’re mad, at first may provide you with some temporary relief, but that relief is addictive. You didn’t solve the problem by calling the man who drove over your dog a f- son of a bicycle. The situation remains the same, only leaving you in an increasingly agitated state.

This ones for running over Sally! Its called Karma!

So you cuss again, and again, and again.You go on cussing until you’ve associated anger, resentment, disgust etc with whatever word you’ve used. And the next time you use that word, it will trigger those exact same emotions you wanted to rid yourself off. Thats the magical quality it imparts to our personality, and it keeps good people away from us while attracting like-minded cuss-loving trash into our vicinity like flies.

Oh, But There’s More

Cussing is a tool. It isn’t something that you ought to completely disregard, watch how powerful people use them, sparingly, and at the right moments to increase the impact of the points they highlight. Whenever you get time, spend them by watching interviews and debates online, and you’ll notice how powerful speeches can be made when tempered with the right amount of profanities. Use it when the situation demands it. Overuse it and its potency dulls, as well as your reputation.

But you haven’t reached that stage. You aren’t using the tool, the tool is using you. Cussing has become second, and since you’ve reached this far, I believe you’re looking for a way to reduce it. I do have an exercise in mind, and it will look silly if you did it in public, but I can guarantee this, its very effective.

I tried substituting safe words for the ones I use daily, but that didn’t help. Snicker-doodles wasn’t the best way to express myself that evening. Using snicker-doodles put me in a worse mood. Now snicker-doodles triggers me into a flying rage.

Get those away from me.

This Will Sound Crazy

Get yourself a rubber band and wear it around your dominant wrist. Every time you slip up and cuss one out, proceed to pull the band across an appreciable length, and let it smack right into your wrist. Yeah, it will hurt. If not, you aren’t pulling hard enough. Its supposed to be painful because bad habits die hard. This is quite effective at rewiring the brain, and even more effective at making you look like you have a few screws loose, but it works.

The more, the merrier.

Do this for a period of 30 days, and watch how your behavior changes. It would be helpful to keep a journal to record your progress from day one, by counting the number of times you smacked yourself, how your mood changes, and watching how it declines as the days go by. By the time you reach day 30, your smack rate will cut down in half and you will be more conscious of the words that come out of your mouth.

Take it as a challenge for the next 30 days starting from today, and watch how your mood improves with ever smack you administer. One thing I can guarantee is this, you will regain control over yourself and stop your mouth from running its course in the heat of the moment. Either this or you will become a masochist which opens up a number of questionable opportunities for you to engage in.

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