Hey There!

If You Love Reading, You've Arrived At The Right Spot.

I started this blog with the intent of helping people navigate their way across the rough seas of life. I share whatever insights I have received from the problems I’ve faced so far. Think of this blog as a lighthouse, that guides people back to the sandy shore of sanity.¬†

But the only thing preventing me from getting to meet those lovely people is Google’s algorithm.¬†Maybe Google hates me so much because of all the controversial stuff I write.

Yeah, that could be it.

google beach
The sandy shores of sanity - blocked to you by, Google.

Leaving That Aside

This place is an excellent outlet for me to share my thoughts, feelings, ideas, and badly written humor for the whole world to feast on. Even if no one discovers this blog of mine, I know I can still benefit from writing consistently.

Maybe one day I can transform this blog into something phenomenal; something that will help people realize deep truths about themselves; truths they’ve been running away from their entire life.

I write alot, and discovered few things that will help you.

I Believe Everyone Should Start a Blog. 

Writing is deeply rewarding, and everyone has something of value to share. We grow from experience, and sharing your experience allows others to relate with your struggles.The more we share, the more we enrich the world and improve ourselves, so start writing.

I’ve decided to spend the rest of my life writing, either online, or on pieces of paper and paste it in random locations, once Google decides to banish my website, seeing how motivated major corporations like Facebook and Twitter have become when it comes to censoring inconvenient truths online.

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